About Us

About the Organization

No Family Left Behind, Inc. is a non-profit community-based organization that employs a holistic approach to enriching the lives of those children and families who may be struggling with various life challenges through compassion, acceptance, respect, and empowerment. No Family Left Behind strives to support and serve our children so they can access a wide range of life’s possibilities by fostering independence, self-esteem, and the fullest participation in family and community life.  Our environment promotes quality education enrichment, social skills, self-esteem, training service and cultural awareness  for our participants which allows them to purse self-reliance and self sustainability  life style as possible.  No Family Left Behind strives to be a leader in the field by providing the highest quality of service and care.

A Family for us means any group of people with or without genetic connections living together and working toward the betterment of themselves and the community in which they live. No Family Left Behind, Inc can be the traditional family of two parents, two and a half children and a dog, or it can mean a mother and her children, a grandmother and her grandchildren, etc.

In a world where children are often the victims of crime and violence, poverty and pain, and overall suffering our students are nurtured as fledgling leaders, inventors and artists helping to move them towards their responsibilities as future leaders of our community and good citizens of our country.

As a part of the Program, students learn and practice leadership skills, encouraged to initiate good socially conscious activities in their communities and are rewarded for their actions as it relates to positive thinking and positive behaviors.

About the Founder

Anthony Onokala is the Founder, President and the Chief Executive Officer of No Family Left Behind Inc. Mr. Onokala has over 15 years of combined direct professional experience in the business of serving children, at-risk youths, adults, persons with disabilities, substance abusers, homeless and individuals experiencing chronic mental illness in the capacity of Mental Health Professional,  Behavioral Specialist and Program Director. Most recently, he worked as a mental health consultant for Open World Family Services and Site Director for Stair Program (Start The Adventure in Reading).

Mr. Onokala graduated from Coppin State University, Baltimore, Maryland with a Master degree in Education and Rehabilitation Counseling, with minor in Supervision. Mr.Onokala also earned a B.Sc degree in School of Business from University of Baltimore, Maryland  and he continues to pursue additional interests in  graduate  and professional courses.

In June 2007,  Mr.Onokala received an International Recognition from the NationalCambridge Register WHO’S WHO of Executives and Professionals ( 2007 – 2008  edition ). In June 2005,  Mr.Onokala was elected to WHO’S WHO in American Universities & Colleges  in recognition of outstanding merit and accomplishment.