NFLB, Inc program’s 7 core values.

NFLB, INC core values represent the principles that best exemplify the legacy of leadership and service that defined life.

  • Education –NFLB, INC believes that smart is not something you are, rather something you become and once  students understands that their academic achievement are based on how hard they work, then their potential can be fully realized.
  • Excellence – NFLB,INC believes that while our students are taught the value of high education, they are also taught that through their active participation in scholarship and pursuit of academic excellence, they will be able to develop themselves and become acquainted with their own talents, skills, and abilities an therefore becoming their best selves.
  • Respect – NFLB, INC believes that respect encourages students to value themselves, others, and their environments, therefore when we are respected we voluntarily give and gain the cooperation of others.
  • Discipline – NFLB, INC believes that discipline is critical to a student’s success and to discipline means to instruct a person to adhere to a certain set of rules and regulations, as well as, stress the importance of having a disciplined mind and cultivating the value of discernment.
  • Determination – NFLB, INC believes that determination is the state of persisting in spite of obstacles, to never quit, and always meet challenges with confidence and fortitude.
  • Leadership – NFLB, INC believes in teaching and preparing our students in the development of a disciplined mind and critical thinking skills, so that they will be truly ready to assume leadership roles at school, in their communities and in any other capacity that they find themselves in life.
  • Focus – NFLB, INC believes that when students are taught to focus on the positive experiences of preparing for higher learning, they will achieve a future that will allow them to stand tall with pride, self esteem, the value of diversity, dialog and constructive disagreement, and are educated for a strong economic future.

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