Our Services

NFLB After-School and Mentoring Service including Summer Program provides after school activities that are meaningful, academically based and extended learning opportunities for children/youth in grades K-12 and their families. Nflb Inc programs are based on six major strategic Service components that we provide:

  1. Academic enhancement activities using innovative instructional strategies, such as service learning and peer tutoring. We try to capture and build on children and youth’s academic strengths and weaknesses, using authentic resource materials and not just worksheets, textbooks, and workbooks.
  2. Arts, recreation, and technology activities reinforcing NFLB academic content standards that applies learning tasks to integrate technology, recreation, and the arts with academics.
  3. Relationship-building activities that strengthen connections with adults, their school and community through the use of mentors and other positive adult role models, volunteerism, character education, other relevant activities and avoid behaviors and situations that put them at risk.
  4. Creative and recreational activities that increase children and youth’s interest in and exposure to the world beyond their local neighborhood.
  5. We developed a strong partnership with local libraries, museums, and universities for extra learning opportunities that foster critical thinking skills, persistence and other positive work habits through hands-on activities.
  6. Parental involvement activities that bring families into the program for educational, social, parenting, and the life skills enrichment.